2023-2024 PTO Executive board:

President: Wendy Teetor

Vice President: Tatum Snapp

Treasurer: Julie Schommer

Secretary: Anne Garinger

School Principal: Joy Fuller


PTO Meeting Minutes:


Fire Ridge PTO Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: November 14, 2022

Introduction and Welcome:

● Meeting called to order by President, Lesley Clark at 7:02 pm

● In Attendance: Katie Hoagland, Deb Knutson, Jasmine Konyek,, Lesley Clark, Katie Rohlfsen, Dani Podany, Casey Cline, Laci Naber, Jamie Ziemba, Erin Downs, Lindsey Fullerton, Katie Muck, Janella Hardy, Megan Devoe, Laura Poppe, Marissa Wilson, Katie McAllister

● Approval of meeting minutes: Casey Cline motioned to approve October meeting minutes. Laci Naber seconded the motion. October PTO meeting minutes approved.


Falcon Events: Jamie Ziemba reported

● Papa John’s Food Night November 16th. 10% given back to school

● Womenade Mitten Drive: Monday, November 21st Due back December 4th and 5th.


Treasurer’s Report: Julie was unable to attend.


Principal’s Report:

● Ran out of time to discuss school improvement goals. Will move to January meeting President’s Report:

● George’s Retirement Recap- It was a great day with pizza, gift card, golf cover and assembly.

● We discussed possible Falcon funday spending ideas. Discussed all teacher ideas in google forms, other ideas included technology, nurse office clothing, flexible seating, lunch trays, paper cutters, mural, cell phone boosters, recess carts and recess bags. Teachers in attendance discussed the biggest need to be technology items for the classroom. Mrs. Knuston needed to get more information from the school district before any voting could happen.


● Spending request: Mrs Kennedy and the social committee asked for gift cards, breakfast, sugar cookies and help with morning duty during the month of December. It was suggested that we ask for cookie donations and pay for the gift cards and breakfast. Janelle Hardy motioned to approve purchase gift cards and breakfast and Jamie Ziemba seconded the motion. Spending request carries.


● Spending request: Kindergarten is asking for $475.00 for organizational items to organize shared space. Janelle Hardy motioned to approve Kindergarten spending. Jasmine Konyek seconded the motion. Spending request carries.


● Other important dates: New Families Event: Friday, November 18th at 7:45, Holiday Gift for staff going in this week's Friday Folders, Winter Blast is coming up on December 21st. Looking for craft ideas and volunteers to help Mrs. Knutson.


Motion to Adjourn: Janelle Hardy motioned to adjourn. Seconded by Casey Cline. October meeting adjourned at 8pm. Next meeting is January 23, 2023 at 7pm.

Meeting Date: October 17, 2022

Introduction and Welcome: 

  • Meeting called to order by President, Lesley Clark at 7:02 pm 
  • In Attendance:  Amanda Braasch, Carol Lehn, Monica Sheradon, Katie Hoagan, Deb Knutson, Julie Schommer, Jasmine, Lesley Clark, Kristine, Rose Murphy, Katie Rohlfsen, Dani Podany, Casey Cline, Anne Garinger, Crystal Weaklend, Sarah, Erin Downs, Lindsey Fullerton. 
  • Approval of meeting minutes: Jasmine motioned to approve September meeting minutes. Casey Cline seconded the motion. September PTO meeting minutes approved pending Anne fixing an error in the “President’s Report”.  


Treasurer’s Report:  Julie shared the P & L statement. Duffield submitted a $59 spending request for songs for the kindergarten classes. This has already been approved by the Board. 


Principal’s Report:

  • Mr. George is retiring on November 2nd after 15 years.He will be king for the day and will have an assembly in his honor.  Zack, the night custodian, will take over Mr. George’s position. Pto will get him a golf gift card and a golf club cover with a falcon on it. 
  • Angie Knutson is volunteer of the year; there will be a banquet on November 3rd. RSVP at the foundation website for this free event. 
  • We will have a Veterans Day program again this year.
  • We are still seeing vandalism on the playgrounds, and it’s difficult to see much on the security cameras.
  • One School, One Book program starts soon. The book is called “Pie”. 


President’s Report: 

  • Duffield is wondering if anyone could organize that front shared Kindergarten area. A few PTO members will help out with this. 
  • We discussed possible Falcon funday spending ideas. Some of the ideas include landscaping in the portable area, a butterfly garden near the small playground area, and a digging area. Lesley will contact the teachers to see what things they need. Send Lesley an email with other ideas. 
  • The Directories should be coming any day. There are extras available for $5; contact Lesley if you’d like one.
  • Spending request from Mrs Lightle to buy pies for the staff. Erin Downs motions to approve this spending request and Casey Cline seconds the motion. Spending request approved.
  • Halloween parties are on October 28th; PTO provides the snack. The parade begins at 2pm. 


Traffic/Safety Concerns: We discussed traffic safety around the school that is a result of the construction/development close to Fire Ridge. A Sign Up Genius was sent out for parent helpers to assist during pick up and drop off. Ideally we would have 3-5 parent volunteers during these times to help keep kids safe. Will will be getting signage from the district. 

Motion to Adjourn: Jasmine motioned to adjourn. Seconded by Lesley. October meeting adjourned at 8pm. Next meeting is November 14 at 7pm. 

Meeting Date: September 16, 2022 

Introduction and Welcome: 

  • Meeting called to order by President, Lesley Clark at 7:02 pm 
  • In Attendance:  Kelli Tierney, Lesley Clark, Deb Knutson, Anne Garinger, Casey Cline, Amanda Braasch, Crystal Weaklend, Erin Downs, Jamie Ziemba, Katie Muck, Julie Schommer, Laci Naber, Jasmine Konyek, Angie Graham, Dani Podany, Jackie Burklund, Gaele Craig, Melissa Lightle, Nancy Brewer, Kristen Schlais, Katie Rohlfsen.
  • Approval of meeting minutes: Kelli Tierney motioned to approve April meeting minutes. Casey Cline seconded the motion. April PTO meeting minutes approved.  


Treasurer’s Report:  Julie shared a spending request of $676.50 for the 3rd graders to go to Rose Theater. Anne motioned to approve this spending request. Angie seconded the motion. Spending request passed.. Kelli shared the P & L statement from last school year. Kelli explained the reserve funds account


Principal’s Report:

  • It’s been a great start to the year; students and teachers are fully into curriculum now. 
  • Safety updates for this year include special film on windows to deter outside intruders. A button was added in the office to send a signal to district walkie-talkies in the event of an emergency. In addition, doors are locked at all times and Deb receives “prop door” signals. All three drills were practiced in one day: fire, tornado, and lock down. 


President’s Report: 

  • Working with a new company this year for the yearbook-Lesley will get more information about sending pictures directly to the company. 
  • Bids for kids: is October 6th. EPS Annual Hall of Fame is November 3rd 

Falcon Funday:  Casey reported that it went really well and the kids liked the theme. Need to improve on volunteers for next year. 


Fall Fest: Jamie reported that the event will be on October 7th from 5:30-7:30. The fifth grader hallway will be a haunted spy theme. Four food trucks will attend. 


Upcoming Events: 

  • Katie reported that the new family event will happen again this year. We discussed doing an evening instead of a breakfast. 
  • Doing Q’doba for staff dinner for conferences and will ask for monetary donations for drinks/desserts. 
  • Jamie reported on the upcoming food nights. The next one is October 11th at the 204th Street Jimmy Johns. We will also do Pickleman’s and a pizza place. 
  • Bingo Night will be on January 27th from 6-7:30pm and will be $5/person. 
  • Fire Ridge night at Evereve on 9/22 and we will receive back 15% of purchases.
  • Bids for Kids is October 6th. Annual EPS hall of fame is November 3rd.
  • Katie will coordinate Wednesday treats again this year for staff and Healthy Mondays


  • Committee Chairs for this year are: President Lesley Clark, VP Casey Cline, Treasurer Julie Schommer, Treasurer Anne Garinger. 

Motion to Adjourn: Erin motioned to adjourn. Seconded by Lesley. September meeting adjourned at 7:55. Next meeting is October 17th at 7pm. 


Meeting Date: May 9, 2022


Introduction and Welcome:
● Meeting called to order by President, Lesley Clark at 7:04 pm
● In Attendance via Zoom: Anne Garinger, Kelli Tierney, Angie Graham, Crystal Weaklend, Manesha,
Xiaoyue Zoe Cheng, Jamie Brabec
● In person: Lesley Clark, Deb Knutson, Mrs T., Casey Cline, Julie Schommer, Laci Naber
● Approval of meeting minutes: Laci Naber motioned to approve April meeting minutes. Julie Schommer
seconded the motion. April PTO meeting minutes approved.
Treasurer’s Report: Kelli shared the P & L statement through May 9th; contact Kelli with questions. Please turn
in all receipts to Kelli by June 1st so she can close out the fiscal year.
President’s Report:.
● Voting for 2022/23 budget: Casey Cline motioned to approve proposed budget. Julie Schommer
seconded the motion. Motion passed.
● Voting for 2022/23 board: President: Lesley Clark, VP: Casey Cline, Treasurer: Julie Schommer,
Secretary: Anne Garinger. Laci Naber motioned to approve the proposed board. Mrs. T seconded the
motion. Motion passed.
● May 20th is Carnival. Please pre-purchase tickets. Food has to be preordered from Hyvee. Form and
additional info came home in Friday folders. Fifth graders will volunteer. Music seat sales will be there.
● There still are some Committee needs; let Lesley know if you’re interested in being involved.
● We are already looking for sponsors for the directory. Receive 25% off half and full page ads if
purchased by July 1. Contact Laci Naber for more info.
● School supplies forms went home in Friday folders.
● TAGG came out with a new fundraising effort; it is now a website, not an app. Added a feature where
you get rewards when you TAGG. 5% is donated to Fire Ridge by the business when you TAGG
Principal’s Report:
● Track and field day for 4th and 5th graders on Thursday, May12th.
● EVVMS band and show choir coming on Friday the 13th to perform.
● Field trips are going on the next few weeks.
● Moving up day-students get to see next grades classrooms, ask questions, and meet the teachers.
● Mrs. T is retiring. We will miss her so much! Mrs Pleskac is leaving to teach in Wahoo. Schute is going
Motion to Adjourn: Lesley Clark motioned to adjourn the May meeting. Seconded by Anne Garinger.
Adjourned at 7:30 pm. Next meeting: September 19th at 7pm.



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